Tropical Witches Guide to the Full Moon

The Art of Magic can defined as that interaction between the tangible and intangible worlds that awakens creative energies trough imagination, to then release them through the physical expression directed by thought and visualization.

—Miranda Gray

Here you will find a handy basic guide of ways to cope during the Full Moon nights! It gets gnarly out there, so support your Local Witch Gang.

Feeling Loony? Ask yourself why? Well, between the phases of the moon and the phases of Women there exists an ancient relationship which has served as a tool of deep self-knowledge for centuries. In times where there were no gynecologists or nifty apps to follow our cycle, women looked at up the moon for answers.

That way women knew that If blood arrived during the full moon, then ovulation was probably in the new moon, and vice versa. This was, for the longest time, the simplest way to plan pregnancies, births, crops and even spells.

☾ To Deal with Moon-Caused Insomnia


The vibes that Moonlight casts produce all kinds different symptoms within us: from insomnia to a powerful magnetism that makes us feel extroverted, sensual, fun and pro-active. If you’re like us and are having trouble sleeping, heres a couple of thing you can do to relief the Lunacy!


Even in our introvert phases when the blood seeks to lower us to the center of the earth, we feel the effects of the full moon, Depending on what lunar cycle you are in, you have two options: 1) if you are menstruating and want to rest, prepare medicinal herb tea such as valerian root or marijuana 


OR 2) if you are in the mood, conjure some glamour spells, with makeup or without, and let the Moon Energy seize your sensuous impulses to take you out on the prowl.

☾ Recharge Your Crystals


Whichever phase you may be in, the Full Moon’s sexy energy is packed with electric power, so this is the best possible time to recharge the crystals in your altar. If you have the means, go looking for a natural spring or sea water and leave your crystals in the open air with the moonshine reflecting off them. Otherwise, simply place them in a jar with sea salt and clean water.

If you have a specific goal in mind that you want to work a certain crystal with, whisper your purpose to the four winds at the beginning of this process. Same goes for when you go to organize your altar. Magic has no effect if doesn’t have a clear purpose.

WITCH TIP: Remember, some crystals that are damaged by salt, so double check before experimenting with yours. If that’s the case, then bury them in a pot with dirt (So that they don’t get lost, put them inside a glass jar with earth and bury them…The earth always takes back what belongs to her.)

☾Host A Reading


With or without a friend, don’t forget to take out your favorite deck of cards (tarot or oracle) and do a reading. This will help you take better advantage of the full moon energy. Our intuitive capabilities and third eye are extra active during this time. Don’t waste your witchy skills on arguments, stressors or feelings of confusion (something very common during the full moon as the emotional tides are high). Rather, use your natural abilities and the propitious timing to channel your spiritual allies, and above all, your higher witch-self so that she may guide you down the right path.

☾Take Yourself out Dancing


Going back to beauty spells and moon ovulation hunts, don’t forget to take your estrogen-fueled self out to dance. Who knows, maybe your spells will finally work and you meet the hottest werewolf at the party! Flirt until you’re all flirted out and, if you want, leave ‘em all howling.

☾Soak Up The Rays


If you have a bit of forest nearby, dare to take a night walk under the moonlight, hopefully in the nude. Let the sun’s shine reflected off the moon illuminate the shadows on your skin and being. Overcome your limits and fears of the darkness by throwing yourself into the void of the unknown, recognize the magical powers you need for any spell in the night sky. There is no need to fear faeries or goblins, as they have always been allies to witches.

☾ Clean Your Space!


Do not forget to use this time to clean your space, your altar, your closet, your thoughts and emotions. Basically, explore and de-bug every nook and cranny of both the physical and non-physical world.

WITCH TIP: One full moon cycle is equivalent to one month. In ancient times, calendars were ruled by moons and this timekeeping method is still true for humans today. This is why you gotta to pay attention to the nature of your inner cycle: remember all you’ve done since the last full moon, what purposes have been fulfilled and which ones are still needing it the works so that they are as rotund as the moon herself. Take note of if you still loaded with old energies, and let them go. 

☾ Get Creative


Creativity is in full bloom. Not for nothing has the moon inspired musicians, poets, artists and witches since the dawn of time! Take this opportunity to keep writing that book that you’ve been procrastinating on, feed your blog, finish that poem or that painting. Paint even without knowing how to, take up knitting , pick up those old projects again, and polish them up!

☾Surf Up!


As Tropical Witches know sea is the best place to be during full moons. Here is where we revisit the idea of taking nude moonlight baths. If you surf, now’s the best time– as there will surely be good waves thanks to our celestial friend. Even if you never surfed, this might be the time to finally try it, it’s never too late to pick it up, and it will always be fun. Either way, go for a swim (nude ofc) because ANY full moon ritual you do at sea is highly powerful.


But, unfortunately, not all of us live near, and some don’t even have the possibility to go out witchin’ on full moon nights at all. In those cases, gift yourself some well deserved bath time. Take a niice long one that’ll cleanse you to your soul, as baths are an excellent time to unwind and recharge.

HOW TO: Prepare a salt bath (doesn’t have to be sea salt) and then add sugar. The salt is used to discharge any energy carried during this active cycle, and to cut off the negative effects of evil eye or other bad juju. Then we sweeten our aura to open ourselves up to receive the bitter herbs (rue, thyme, oregano, rosemary) and then the sweet ones (chamomile, basil, lavender, roses, cinnamon). Each plant has its own benefit and purpose. If you want to investigate more, ask us, or consult with your local witch. We love to help!

☾ Practice Gratitude


And finally, the most important piece of advice that trumps all others: practice gratitude. Full moons are not the time to start projects, but rather to give them continuity and revision, to manifest what we have lacked or what we want but we have not been able to finish. This is why it’s so important to thank what has been and what will come. From a grateful attitude, all magic becomes more effective. Gratitude is also great protecting us from bad intentions.

That’s all for now folks, don’t forget to share and tag us. Full moon blessings y’all!

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