☾Tropical Witches Guide for the New Moon☾

The Greek Goddess Hecate, Goddess of Night, Death, and Crossroads, embodied this Crone.  Her rule during the moon’s absence made the night exceptionally dark The frightened paid her homage during these three nights, seeking her favor and protection. Wherever three roads crossed Hecate could be found, for here life and death were thought to pass each other. Even today Witches will leaves cakes at crossroads or in the woods at the dark of the moon to honor her.

Laurie Cabot

This is the darkest time of the night. A time for witchcraft, death, and a journey that takes us deep inside. From this darkness are able to contemplate our shadow, but also the brightest stars in the night’s sky; our high visions and dreams. Since the dawn of time, the new moon has been aligned with agricultural calendars as an ideal time to prepare the land where seeds are to be sown.

This is the a moon phase associated with the female archetype of the Crone, and all deities related to Death. It is a time when the energy flows downwards, water currents lower, and the paces begin to unwind. In the old days, when there was no tech, women’s cycles were aligned with those of the moon and they used to retreat and menstruate together in the dark of night.


It is the ideal time for all kinds of cleansing: from cleaning your quartz, stones and crystals (including gold jewelry and precious stones), to a deep cleaning of your physical space, be it altar, house, kitchen, etc. It is a time to purge energies that no longer align with our vision of the future.

Witchtip: A witch must always clean. This is because accumulation of dirt, garbage and objects hold negative energy that works against your purposes. Before any ritual, CLEAN. Our brooms are not just for flying!

Once you have cleaned your space, organize a little incense with herbs of your choice. Incenses are also used although it is more powerful to do it with previously collected and intentional herbs. Open the doors and windows of your house and let the smoke invade every corner and get the air out.

Perform self-care rituals. Between the waning and new moon the energy is enhanced to perform magical beauty treatments: haircuts, facials, scrubs, baths, whatever you want!

Check out our ritual «self-love bath» for Taurus Season.

Prepare your little bottles – (hopefully recycled – to prepare your lunar water. Remember that you can save this water for a month or full lunar cycle and prepare elixirs with it. These are made with crystals, essential oils or herbs chosen for specific purposes you want to work in. You can also use new moon water for spells of new beginnings, relationships and opportunities or to clean your amulets and power items. For our moon Water Recipe Click Here!

☾ Retract Yourself: The Art of looking inwards

Whether or not your cycle leads you to menstruate during this phase, physical energy drops and weakens. Psychically it is a perfect time to rest and relax the body and the mind. It is an introspection stage to enter the inner shell that allows you to work with interior realm: dreams, visualization, meditation, channeling or any type of psychic work.

If you need some alone time to meditate, the for hours, move your body, scream in your pillow, have an orgasm, sleep all day, or just Netflix and chill, do it without remorse. 

Let yourself be taken by what your body incites you to do, but always watchful from the inside. Physically, energetically and spiritually it is a time for deep subconscious cleansing. Pay great attention to your dreams and intuition; you inner voice is more active than usual. Fine tune your hearts vibe and do what it tells you, not what external influences are demanding from you.

Since sensitivity is more awake than usual you might as well cry as an act of liberation. Watch a movie, or read something that will make you cry with either laughter or emotion. It’s the best time to treat yourself, the moon is giving you permission. 

*if you’re menstruating take time cleanse your uterus and let the blood carry you into the depths of your being that we sometimes tend to avoid

Examine your Shadow Self

The Shadow Self is that aspect of the deep subconscious (moon) that is normally repressed by the conscious identity (sun). Moon phases are a tool that were formerly used to work with the shadow and deepen the human mind, in times before the study of modern psychology had been invented . Take advantage of this place of darkness to look at your shadow with radical sincerity, because surely, one way or another, it will try to manifest itself through thought patterns, behaviors, emotions or situations that can activate the negative within you. Also pay attention to projections of others … People who cross our paths are excellent mirrors and serve to show us darker sides that we all fear to confront.

Death and Rebirth

As the energy carries us to peek inside into the mess that is the interior self, its time to really analyze how much you’ve matured during the last lunar cycle that’s about to restart. Feel your rebirth, and give yourself the necessary space to tune into the available energies and to use them to create new wonders.

Unlike the full moon, that boosts and reloads us with the sun energy reflected on her white mirror, the new moon tends to be more introverted and still. If we can connect with this dark stillness, it is easy to tap into its reinvigorating potential, which can be put to good use in many aspects of our lives.

As Laurie Cabot tells us in her book The Power of the Witch, dark moon weather was greatly feared by most people; except for witches who work with the energy of death and darkness. This has to do with the fact that during the dark phase evil spirits, negative spells and black magic are practiced more frequently than in other moon phases. It is an ideal time for protection spells against dark energies or spiritual attacks (which is why cleaning is so important). Be sure to perform rituals to repel bad vibes in the form of spirits that are sometimes even created by yourself (like when a badly done spell is returned to you -backfire- or you are vibrating at very low and negative frequencie.)

Practice Rituals

To balance the darkness of this time it is important to ritualize the new moon with lighted candles. The colors will depend on the ritual you want to perform in a space created as an altar, impregnated with your intentions and objects of power.

Witchtip simple ritual: On some little pieces of paper, or better yet, on some bay leafs write in a few words your intentions, dreams and wishes you want to fulfill in this upcoming lunar cycle and burn them away in the flame of a candle. Save the ashes and bury them. It is done. 

Write a lot, write everything: dreams, projects, intentions, wishes. Write an action plan or list for the next lunar cycle. What you do – or don’t do – in this phase largely determines the energy of the month. Write purposes. Write everything in your notebook or in your Shadow Book. Writing is an ideal exercise to help you manifest whatever it is and is a good guide to work through the next cycle.

This connects with the manifestation part. To materialize something we always need to first visualize it in its seed stage. We need to germinate that seed, take care of it, see it grow. So, everything you want to manifest must first be sown with all the intention of working and have the patience necessary to see it grow. This applies from a plant to a project or business.

☾This is it for now witches! happy new moon☽

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