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This once-in-a-lifetime halloween night blue moon is an event worth taking advantage of. The veil to the spirit world is thinner than ever. Witches all over the world celebrate this spiritual time honoring the dead and contacting the spiritual realm to achieve great power. Under this special blue moon spells are cast, ghosts wander l and spooky stuff comes about. It is no coincidence that the skies are offering us an opportunity to empower thyself as we dwell inside these scorpio waters. Shadow Work is definitely going on, and here at @BrujaxTropical we show the basics on how it is done.

You’ve probably heard us mention “Shadow Work” multiple times, have a loose grasp on what it means, but you’re still wondering exactly what this mysterious practice is all about.

Well, the words “Shadow Work” tend to conjure up all sort of spooky imagery, as if it’s some sort dark or malignant form of witchery, but the truth is that Shadow practices are one of the highest forms of lightwork that exists. And there is no way you can work your craft without it.

We designed this mini guide setting the goal that by the time you complete this mini course you’ll be well-versed in the basics Shadow Work. So let’s begin.

What is Shadow Work?

The term “Shadow” is borrowed from Jungian Psychology and applied to craft. Carl Jung coined the terms “light” to refer to the conscious self (hence the term “enlightenment“) and the “shadow” to speak about the parts of ourself we have not yet become aware of. But there are many other ways to acknowledge the shadow under different concepts, since ancestral healing is basically one of the most important ways of shadow working and different cultures around the world knew this. Old Tolteca shamanic culture spoke about it as the «Nagual» and the «Tonal», the first one refers to the shadow aspect of the self and the dreaming landscapes that are activated when we sleep, as for the second one is the conscious aspect of the awakened self.

☾ Two sides of a Coin

The fact is that the light aspect of our Self cannot exist without the shadow. They are simply to parts of the same, much like a coin that has two faces, and without them the coin would not be a coin, it would be incomplete and could not exist. The same applies to us as third dimensional beings trapped on the duality aspects of this reality. So we can’t really be one without the other. But this is something we’ve been conditioned to avoid and deny, leaving the other side of the coin unrecognized and therefore suppressed. This is one of the primary reasons we get sick or receive psychic attacks aka hexes from the outside world were we often relegate our power hidden on the shadows of self.

☾ Become Aware of your Subconscious  

In jungian terms, this implies that the “Shadow Self” refers to those parts of ourselves that we haven’t yet uncovered. The subconscious mind is a great driving force for our decision making processes. Its the driving force we do not fully understand yet feel, it is our intuition, our souls, our pure existence. The subconscious self is the true self. 

In other words, if your body was a computer, your body would be the CPU, your brain would be the RAM memory, and your Subconscious would be the Operating System. You cannot see it but it is there, keeping you empowered, or else.

☾ Shine Light to your Hidden Depths

There are many things we have suppressed because of a number of external factors; Upbringing, family values, societal norms, cultural context. It could be trauma, fears, complexes and pain. 

The idea is that if we shine light upon the darkness within ourselves and bring it into awareness, we can begin to transmute it and channel it back into our Light Self, our «Tonal», in a way that is beneficial for our life’s purpose. Thus, we begin to use our shadow to our advantage. This definitely will make those skeletons in your closet look less creepy than they actually are.

☾ Neither Good Or Bad

In order to demystify The Shadow we must first cut loose of all the preconceptions and  qualifiers we attribute to our being. We must throw the concepts of “good” and “bad” out the window. Even so because they come from a colonized mindset that you can start to reset on your own.

Plus, its not only flaws that remain dormant. We often suppress beautiful gifts as well. You would be surprised what some people discover when they’re exploring their Shadow – some might find hidden talents they never knew they had. A knack for understanding peoples emotions, for example. Some discover they had psychic abilities. Others realize they’re healers. Some remember their past lives and find their higher purpose!

Witch Tip: We do recommend to find some help along the way. Therapy is good and nowadays you can choose from an enormous list of healers, therapists and spiritual counselors that can be of great help. Shadow work is a process that only you can do for yourself but a hand is always better.

Why do Shadow Work ?

☾ Discover who you really are. 

Shadow work uncovers the real intention behind your motivation, the driving force that powers us forward towards whatever desires we might have.

The real significance of this is, that when we understand the underlying motivations of our driving force, the better in alignment we can be with our true desires, thus contributing to making them happen in our dimensional reality.

The better you understand yourself, the better you can pinpoint exactly where those desires are coming from and why. To discover your underlying drive ask yourself the following questions and

  • What is needs are lacking?
  • Why are those needs important
  • If could give my child self anything in the world, what would it be?
  • How can I meet my inner child self’s need?

Know thyself…

☾ Master Manifestation

Shadow work is the basis of all Magick. If you want to become a master at manifestation, you must first master shadow work. This is a process that every witch will learn and unlearn throughout all of her

this is because shadow work

without it it is literally impossible to manifest your desires, because most of the time we aren’t aware of what we truly, truly want. We play it off as if

because what you need and what you want aren’t always the same thing,

☾ Break Generational Curses

Along the way we will meet with some ugly caca that comes from our ancestral lineages, which are mostly broken, lost, colonized, mixed and unacknowledged. This is a heavy aspect we must be brave enough to embrace and heal in order to break many ancient pacts, curses and trauma caused by our ancestors. Probably we will never be able to break them all but hey… at least we tried. Future generations will surely honor us for that.

How To Do Shadow Work

Various tips and techniques on how to begin exploring your shadow self. 

☾ Honor the dead

Communing with the spirits of those who live in another time, as are your aids and guardians, and they will protect your path and guide you towards your highest destiny. 

By creating a relationship with the ancestors you guarantee that their spirits will have your back. Ask your living elders about your grandparents and great-grandparents. What was their life like? What did they experience? What did they enjoy, and what did they dislike? 

You can tighten your bonds with the ancestors by leaving them offerings. Specially during this full moon cycle. Put out Their favorite drinks and snacks, or wine, or even a bit of coin. Make place for them at your dinner table and invite them to “join you” by putting out a photo, a belonging, or an item to represent them. 

☾ Nurture the Fruit by Feeding The Roots

Beyond family ancestry, its important to your shadow self get to know your cultural heritage. Where did your people come from? What were their struggles, what was their customs? Most of the patterns we often repeat and can’t break free from come from the roots. Check for them not to be rotten by time.

Feed the roots of your culture. Thats what all hallows eve is all about.

Witchtip: if you enjoy celebrating the non traditional aspect of this season known as halloween, make sure not to buy capitalist junk for your home decor and costumes. Also please mind the cultural appropriation by not dressing like an native or others…

☾ Travel through the Subconscious

Being capable of going inside our own minds is the most important way to nourish self-awareness and enlighten the shadows. Being okay with having alone time with your thoughts is the most powerful way of neuroprogramming yourself to have more positive experiences in the general way you navigate life. Meditation is absolutely fundamental for manifestation as it allows you to really get to know yourself at the deepest possible level. It is through subconscious travel that we can uncover repressed trauma and hidden memories, which tend to be the causation of most of our suffering and decision making.

Lucid dreaming & Astral Projection is another way to work on the subconscious self. This is a skill that can be developed, like any other, can be achieved it is a way to travel through time-space and dimensions. Dream traveling can allow us to visit people who have long passed, or visit scenarios which may or may not happen. Start by keeping a dream journal so you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. This is the first step to developing dream weaving abilities. (Expect our guide to Dream Weaving soon)

Witch Tip: If you need a little bit of an aid to start remembering your dreams better Mugwort is a fantastic herb that awaken your dream skills. It allows you to remember your subconscious sessions more vividly, as well as retain awareness while in dream state, allowing for lucid dreaming.

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#Mugwort, is one of the most widely used medicinal plants due to its versatility and availability. Named after the goddess of the moon, Artemisia Vulgaris shares a close relationship with lunar cycles, and taken in tea infusions in small doses it can be used to regulate and induce menstruation. Pregnant people should not consume mugwort as it can induce bleeding and even labor. Mugwort is also known as the dream herb, said to induce lucid dreaming and astral projection when placed under a pillow. Its most common use in modern witchcraft is in the form of smudge sticks, used to cleanse and dispel clustered negative energies. 🌿 🌙 – #Artemisa, es una de las plantas medicinales más utilizadas debido a su versatilidad y disponibilidad. Nombrada asi por de la diosa de la luna, Artemisia Vulgaris comparte cercana relación con los ciclos lunares, y si se toma en infusiones de té en pequeñas dosis, se puede utilizar para regular la menstruación. Las mujeres embarazadas no deben consumir artemisa, ya que puede provocar sangrado e incluso inducir el parto. La artemisa también se conoce como la hierba del sueño, se dice que induce sueños lúcido y proyección astral cuando se coloca debajo de la almohada. Su uso más común en la brujería moderna es en forma de sahumerios para limpiar y disipar la acumulación de energía negativa. 🌿🌙 – #herbalism #mugwort #artemisa #herbalismo #witchcraft #witchyvibes #witchythings #witchlife #witchmemes #witchtips #bruja #brujeria #brujasofinstagram #witchery #witches #witchvibes #witchmeme #manifesting #thelawofattraction #fae #greenwitch #modernwitch #wicca #witchcraft #beagoddess #healingenergy #lightwork #theuniversehasyourback #goddess

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You can also work with affirmations, mantras or any personal spell and sigil for this purpose. This will enhance your experience and you will start to feel some changes on your daily conscious reality.

☾ Mirror Magick

There is an ancient form of magick that consists in looking at your reflection in the mirror in dim lighting. Its a way of going through a portal in time-space, that allows glances into other states of existence. 

The best tool for this exercise is the Aztec Mirror, a slab of black obsidian polished to be glossy and reflective. The dark smooth surface creates the perfect shine for deep shadow working. But if you do not have access to one of these super specific tools, which we are aware, are hard to find, a regular glass mirror will suffice. 

Witchtip: you can also use a scrying ball or a bowl of water.

After a couple of minutes of deep eye contact with your reflection, your brain begins to create illusions that will show some deep dark fears– visions of another time that will begin to show on the mirror’s surface and your own face might start to appear distorted. Its jarring to say the least, but remember that these visions can not actively hurt you. If you feel too vulnerable wear protection stones. Also be mindful that practice is as always necessary so you might need to do this several times to actually see something.

Hope this helps. And don’t forget to keep it tropical!

☾Let that shadow rock out☽

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🌕 ALL HALLOWS EVE BLUE MOON 🌕 – We haven’t had a full moon on Hallow’s Eve in over 78 years, much less a blue moon- so the next two nights constitute a one-in-a-lifetime event thats worth celebrating. 👻 The next two nights come with an interesting shift of cosmic energy, as the moon moves from Aries into Taurus ♉️ , causing a change in the astrological dynamics. 👻 The vibe tonight is quite tense with SIX SQUARES happening- most of them involving the Moon and Pluto in some way but also Saturn and Jupiter, so take it easy tonight until the moon moves a bit tomorrow and the vibe mellows out 👻 Theres a direct Sun-Uranus opposition + moon-Uranus conjunction so expect revelations and surprises to throw you off too, mostly of the unpleasant kind lmao. Don’t beat yourself up to badly. Its in the stars. 👻 and finally make sure to leave put offering for the spirits, especially your ancestors because they’re going to come out visit as the Veil to the Spirit world is thin as hell – No hemos tenido luna llena en la víspera de Halloween en más de 78 años, mucho menos una luna azul, por lo que las próximas dos noches son un evento único en la vida que vale la pena celebrar. 👻 Las próximas dos noches vienen con un interesante cambio de energía cósmica, ya que la luna se mueve de Aries a Tauro ♉️, provocando un cambio en la dinámica astrológica. 👻 El ambiente de esta noche es bastante tenso con SEIS CUADRADOS sucediendo, la mayoría de ellos involucrando a la Luna y Plutón de alguna manera, pero también a Saturno y Júpiter, así que tómatelo con calma esta noche hasta que la luna se mueva un poco mañana y el ambiente se suavice. 👻 Hay una oposición directa Sol-Urano + conjunción luna-Urano, así que espere que las revelaciones y las sorpresas también lo desanimen, en su mayoría del tipo desagradable. No te castigues demasiado 👻 y finalmente asegúrate de dejar la ofrenda para los espíritus, especialmente tus antepasados ​​porque van a salir de visita, ya que velo mundo esta mas degado que nunca. – #brujasofig #brujasofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #witchesbelike #witchproblems #witchcraft #retrograde #witchstagram #witchmemes #mercuryretro

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