Guide for Eclipse Season ☽ Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Here at BrujaxTropical we bring you a guide for eclipse season, regardless of Lunar or Solar eclipse. Here you’ll find some witchtips that can help navigate the intense energy. It is a crossroad magick work to go through these heavy cosmic portals as the energy feels, well… eclipsed.

Ancestral cultures around the world have known the importance of eclipses, deeming it a time of introspection, peril and all around precaution. However, this applies to total eclipses, more so than partial ones, where the sun darkens or the moon completely disappears for a few minutes. Eclipses are a manifestation of the sacred cosmic deities’ power, they invoke the uncontrollable, those awesome supernatural forces beyond our comprehension that have always frightened humanity. In indigenous worldview, the Sun and the Moon represent spiritual and earthly authorities who can alter and impact our life, changing it profoundly. The Sun fights against the shadow, chaos and the darkness of night. The Moon guides, protects and governs the cycles of the water that fertilizes the earth. Contrary to what is believed, the great pre-Hispanic cultures with their advanced astronomical knowledge knew how to predict the season of eclipses. An example of this is the Dresden Mayan Codex, which was exclusively made for the knowledge and study of the Sacedorsio.

But let’s onto the guide …

This time the eclipses are occurring on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. It is very important to keep in mind that, in astrological terms, eclipses are portals of evolution towards our destiny, since they are associated with the north and south nodes. In this sense, the eclipses of this season will be double trouble considering that since January 2022 we are in the Taurus / Scorpio axis. Eclipses —regardless of whether they are lunar or solar, partial or total— have an influence that can be felt up to 6 months after they occur, so take note of what arises at this time.

Also consider that mercury is making a move to go Rx pretty soon!

There are other astrological aspects that influence this super moon total eclipse and add intensity to the panorama, so we recommend referencing one of your favorite astrologers.

☾ Emotional Release

Like in the Tarot, the Moon is the archetype of the inner emotional waters and the psychic / spiritual world. In its full moon phase all these emotional aspects come to light. As witches, we know that the lunar cycles influence us state of being, as does the high tide to the sea when there’s surf swell.

There is intense and powerful magick about staring into the dark pools of our own depths and facing our fears. In the pitch black of the night, there is no way to avoid the shadows. Escapism is futile, and when confronted to our own darkness there is nowhere to run or hide. Its best to lunge into the black waters and face our our shadows head on.

Witchtip: identify your emotions and work with them through simple writing rituals such as journaling or making lists. Burn your petition paper and keep the ashes until the purpose you are intending is manifested, then offer them to the wind if you feel that you have already freed yourself from something or bury them if you want the result of your manifestation to be preserved.

Identify what phase of the lunar cycle you are in: if it’s a full moon, it is most likely that is time to celebrate the closure of a cycle; if it is a new moon, it will be making space for the new and manifesting what is to come during the next lunar cycle. It will most likely be the manifestation of what we have sown during the last the new moon. But with eclipses, the dynamic will not be focused so much on celebrating or manifesting, as much as on freeing ourselves from those old patterns, internal dialogues and emotions that have conditioned and limited us for a long time and that we have surely identified through shadow work (you can check our SHADOW WORK guide to know more).

Witchtip: make a protection charm in a bag. Add: tourmaline or obsidian, rosemary, rose petals, rue, pink salt or black salt, and cinnamon sticks. Keep it with you, hang it or leave it under your pillow for sleep protection. You can renew it the next eclipse.

☾ Stay Home

We are not talking about the pandemics. Eclipses are times when we revel the most in our own company, but they also bring out the shadows in everyone. It is an ancestral form of self-healing, of shadow alchemy, so «hermit carbbing» tends to prove itself to be the best policy right now.

Keep in mind that the intensity of eclipses are uncontrollable forces that can cause chaos around us. Since the vibe with Taurus/Scorpio is quite beneficial for identifying issues on stability thus liberation, allow yourself to have some alone time as well and stay home if you can!

☾ Sex Magic (& Good Vibrations)

Just as the moon rules over our emotions (waters), it surely does rules our sexual energy, also related to bodily fluids: blood, semen, etc. As we shared on our Full Moon or New Moon guides, it is good timing to perform charm spells, glamour magick and elevate sexuality or introspection. But with an eclipse, energy thrives as an evolutionary portal that takes us out of our comfort zone and we have to find a way to channel all that energy. So if you do stay at home, don’t hesitate to wisely make some time for your partner, lover or vibrator!

☾ Hush: check your internal dialogue

We said what we said: Eclipses tend to eclipse the SELF. This may at times feel like nothing, inside or outside us, makes much sense. With the astrology of this lunation, communication will be intense because Mercury is in full shadow phase, going retrograde in its Gemini sign on May 10, 2022. Beware of gossip and or running your tongue, as those tend to come from our own projections. Work on your shadow self (just like the earth works on on hers), observe it and don’t feed meaningless conversations. Take advantage of the eclipse to meditate, go into hermit mode, and if you want to make noise, its better to listen to music, or sing your feelings in the shower. Eclipses are excellent to work with high frequency energy!


Sound is a great ally for energy cleansing and raising the vibration of your space, altar or during your rituals and spells. Use instruments like bells, shamanic drums, or your own voice. Let yourself be carried away by the trance of sound.

☾ Cut karmic ties

It doesn’t really matter if the eclipses are total or partial. What does matters is understanding this: if it is a Solar eclipse it will illuminate aspects that are hidden in the collective shadow of our own personal karma or darma. It is possible for many things to be revealed, both positive and negative, so take stock of your achievements. Also note that instead of seeking to manifest something, it is time to allow the Eclipse to do this work for you. If its Lunar, it will trigger changes on a psychic and emotional level. Repressed emotions and traumas will surface, especially if it has to do with our spiritual evolution and karmic process. It is an ideal time to do bond cutting meditations, close cycles with soul mates, twin flames or any other emotional / affective bond that slows our process down.

If you want (and dare) to do spellwork you can do the cutting ritual by tying a red ribbon to two candles that represent you and the person in question. Put some husk around the candles and cut the bow after lighting them. Let them burn completely and read the messages with velomancy. Meditate and visualize that process on a psychic level as well. Another fav recommendation would be a spellcasting ritual to balance energies with a black candle and a white one. Don’t be afraid to cast your spells at the Universe, because it is surely listening to you!

We hope that our Guide will help you navigate this time of intensity. And remember, keep chaos tropical!


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